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2019 Gardening Classes

Valentine’s Candle and Succulent Container– February 7th , 6-8pm – $65
Looking for a little life in your relationship? Put together a romantic, living, table centrepiece that will grow with your love.

Mason Jar Herb Garden– March 23rd , 6-9pm – $45
Build a gorgeous plank mason jar holder and plant it up with your culinary herbs.

Small Space Food Gardening– April 25th , 6-9pm- $40
Learn to what to grow and how, when you only have a little garden challenges such as pests and nutrition, and specific varieties suitable to container/small spaces will be covered.

Succulent Wood Planter– May 9th, 6-9pm – $76
Create a beautiful rustic succulent planter you can enjoy on your patio all summer, then bring inside for some life through the winter. Start from the beginning as we stain and personalize your wooden container, then plant up with a beautiful selection of succulents.

Evening in the Orchard– June 27th, 6-8:30pm – $40
Join us in the PERC orchard to learn all about the care and types of fruit trees and shrubs we can grow successfully, and sample local fruit products, including local fruit wines. 18+ please.

Canning: Level 1– August 10th, 10-1pm – $45
Learn to preserve food for the winter! This class will cover why and what we can, with an emphasis on food safety, while sampling some inspiring canned goods. This is a demonstration and theory class. Instructor will make jelly and all participants can go home with a jar to enjoy.

Canning: Level 2 (Workshop)– August 24th, 10-2pm – $60
This hands-on workshop delves further into canning techniques, including both pressure canning and water bath canning. Participants will create pickles and take some home too.

Fermenting/Dehydrating/Sprouting– September 7th, 10-2pm – $60
Have you always wanted to know how to make delicious and nutritious fermented vegetables like sauerkraut and sour pickles? Or maybe how to sprout seeds to unlock their vitamins and minerals? This class will teach you all of that, plus how to dehydrate surplus fruits and veggies when they are in season for tasty snacks, soups and more during the students will be able to taste various foods and take home a fermenting project to complete.




Cancellation Policy
Payment in full is required at the time of registration. Unfortunately, there will be no refunds on classes or camps. You may cancel your registration in a class up to 48 hours in advance and credit will be issued towards another class.

If you cancel with less than 48 hours notice, or fail to attend or bring your children  there will be no credit issued, and no make-up offered. This is a strict policy and no exceptions will be made due to illness, weather, traffic, family difficulties etc. A great deal of time and preparation goes into our classes, courses and child care opportunities. We hire staff based on registrations and with very slim margins, we need as much time as possible to try and fill any vacant seats.