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2018 Gardening Classes





Vegetable Growing
Saturday, April 21 – 10am – 12pm
Grow your favourite veggies right out your back door! Want to grow your own produce but don’t know where to start? Jennifer will guide you through the basics of edible gardening. Learn to pick the right seeds, feed your garden for healthy and successful plants, watering, weeding, and when to harvest! With a focus on organic and sustainable practices, this class should set you up for a season of fun, nutritious and delicious gardening!
$35 +gst     Register by April 14

Edible or Succulent Planter Bowl
Saturday, May 5 – 6pm – 8pm
We will create a tabletop bowl planted with items perfect to add to your summer salads or dinners. We will have a selection of herbs, lettuce and edible flowers for you to choose from to create a beautiful and useful outdoor centrepiece. Just place the planter on your patio table, pinch off what you would like and add a splash of fresh flavour to your meal!

Or if you prefer, make a beautiful and unique centrepiece strictly for decorative purposes, we will also have a selection of succulents to choose from.

Just in time for Mother’s Day, this would make a wonderful gift your mom could enjoy all season long. Bring your own small to medium planter, bowl, or choose one we will have available for an additional $15
$30 +gst     Register by April 28

Growing for Beginners
Saturday, May 19 – 10am – 1pm
Creating the perfect planter with a balance of greens, blooms, height and fall is easier than you think! Krysanne will take you through the basics of designing a planter that will give the visual appeal you see in the ready-made greenhouse planters. We will also go through how to maintain your pot to keep it lush and healthy through the season.

B.Y.O.P (bring your own pot) and we will put what we have learned to practice. With a selection of plants provided, you can create a planter your neighbours will envy!
$40 +gst     Register by May 12

Build a Succulent Turtle Planter
Sunday, May 27 – 10am – 1pm
Create a little natural whimsy for your garden! Learn to make a succulent turtle using a variety of materials you would find around your backyard. These living sculptures will add just the right amount of interest to your ornamental landscape! Materials and succulents included.
$65 +gst    Register by May 19

Create a Pest-Repellent Planter
Saturday, June 9 – 10am – 12pm
Wanting some relief from those unwanted pests, but not willing to put up smelly candles or bug spray? Come and design a planter purposefully put together to keep unwanted critters away! Not only will it beautify your outdoor living space, it will give you peace from invading insects.  
$35 +gst    Register by June 2

Learn to Can!
Thursday, August 16 – 6pm – 9pm
Learn the basics of both water bath and pressure canning. From salsa and pickles to jams and jellies, we will teach you the skills to deal with all that fall harvest! Enjoy a sampling of preserves while we demonstrate and make our first batch of canned goods to take home!
$45 +gst    Register by August 9

Learn Fermenting, Dehydrating, and Sprouting
Thursday, August 23 – 6pm – 9pm
Have you always wanted to know how to make delicious and nutritious fermented vegetables like sauerkraut and sour pickles? Or maybe how to sprout seeds to unlock their vitamins and minerals? This class will teach you all of that, plus how to dehydrate surplus fruits and veggies when they are in season, for tasty snacks, soups and more during the winter. Students will be able to taste various foods, and take home a fermenting project to complete.
$45 +gst    Register by August 16

Worm Composting
Thursday, October 25 – 6pm – 9pm
Learn all about vermiculture (the use of worms to process food waste into fertilizer), and take home a complete worm composting bin for your family. It’s a great way to compost indoors, especially in the winter.
$35 +gst    Register by October 18