About the Program

The Stony Plain Heritage Agricultural Society is pleased to offer this Certificate program in cooperation with Gaia College and SOUL (Society of Organic Urban Landcare). These organizations are at the leading edge of organic gardening.

Our program offers:
Intensive curriculum with a recognized Organic Master Gardener Certificate
Up-to-date information from leading scientists and researchers
A focus is on soil biology – growing soil, not plants;- for a more ecological paradigm
Recent discoveries in Soil Succession, Cover Crops, and Regenerative Agriculture
Alberta specific content.
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Whether you wish to be certified Organic or just ease up on your use of synthetics, this Program compares and contrasts the benefits and drawbacks of several approaches.

Soil Sciences
Geology, focused on soil texture and structure, with some mention of nutrient availability and transfer
Hydrology, focused on the behaviour of moisture in soil and strongly promoting aerobic conditions
Biology, and the soil Foodweb, with mention of insect relationships
Physics, favouring no-till while building soil structure
Chemistry, observing signs of nutrient deficiency and using teas and brews to deliver what the plant needs to achieve optimal health and photosynthesis
Biochemistry specific to plant health

Botany and Ecology
An overview of plant families and what grows well here, the importance of polyculture and root mingling, with mention of native species; establishing garden beds. We also pay attention to the emerging areas of Plant Health and Epigenetics.

Areas of Interest
Subjects include niche topics like establishing native species, Permaculture, Carbon Farming, Canning, Pest Management, and using common species (aka weeds) as cover crops.

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