Ghost Tours

Have you been on one of our tours? Now you can read more about the stories told on the tour. 

The Stony Plain Red Brick School and Oppertshauser House are active haunts in Alberta, Canada. The brand new book, Prairie Spirits, presents true first-hand accounts and interviews from staff and visitors who have encountered the spooky personality of the buildings. From orbs to apparitions, rearranged furniture, unexplainable music, energetic hot spots, and more. Meet the ghosts, discover tools to communicate with the supernatural, and dig into paranormal investigations.

Enjoy over forty full-colour photographic recreations of the otherworldly stories. This is a bone-chilling read for anyone interested in the rich local history and hauntings in Stony Plain.

Alexis Marie Chute is an award-winning, bestselling Alberta-based author.

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