Greg and Barry Turlock

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Despite rain keeping the Multicentre’s fabulous amphitheatre from hosting the Turlock brothers, the artistic duo captivated visitors from inside the Centre’s art gallery instead. The atmosphere was jovial from the get-go as Greg and Barry interacted with guests and staff, sharing insights and stories, while setting up for their performance. The gallery was packed tight with seats but the proximity of the audience to the performers only increased an already positive rapport.

Greg read aloud from his book “A Work of Heart of Heart- Woven in the Willows” to a crowd both familiar and new but both equal in appreciation for his storytelling talent. How could they not be really? The characters, with all their quirks, idiosyncrasies, and personalities, were written and delivered by Greg in such a genuine manner that it seemed as if a transcript or biography was read in place of his fiction. No one knows the characters better than the author and there was no doubt about that after the spirited dialogues Greg enacted. Many of the stories felt as if they had been picked straight out of everyday life, like the one about Nick, a generous and unassuming gas station attendant, who lends his car to boost a stalled tour bus during a frozen December evening. I could have sworn I’d actually met the guy. The way Greg tells the story it sounds as if it really happened… Nothing phony or glib about it. That is his overwhelming strength as an author: building characters, scenarios, and dialogue that are undisputedly authentic. Greg attributes his ability as an author not just to his creativity but also to his awareness of and capacity for spirit, that being the sense to pick up on often unobserved qualities that give people their unique and appreciable personalities.

Spirit is possessed by both the brothers, especially so by Barry. His music and intelligence demonstrate a level of awareness that is enlightening to experience. Barry’s album “End of Cycle” tells a story much in the way his brother does, but with an ability to take the listener to emotions and experiences that writing never could. It is transportational music, taking the listener from the visible and apparent to realms more holistic and ethereal. One moment you are in the gallery listening to Barry’s “Primordial Dance” and the next, have you the ability to daydream, you are a million fragments of light reforming amongst the cosmos. Back down to the gallery again… I’m no audiophile but to make the acoustics of the brick schoolhouse, with its many reflective surfaces and high ceilings, sound harmonious is a significant feat to achieve. Barry is an expert at his craft, no doubt from a lifetime of dedication to creating musical and spiritual art. He is a pleasure to experience on a casual Saturday in an art gallery or at any performance venue I’m sure.

Not all the performances were solo acts however, one of the most unique parts of the event was that the Turlock brothers combined their talents to deliver word and song simultaneously. Greg’s work, heavy with onomatopoeia, became a percussive element as every “thud”, “whack”, and “snort” punctuated Barry’s evocative riffing. The storytelling, while great on its own, was elevated by Barry’s playing, it permeated the fabric of Greg’s unravelling narratives to create a highly immersive atmosphere for the audience. This quality is what made the pairing between Greg and Barry so complimentary: Greg’s stories invited the guests in with their familiarity and Barry then took the listeners out of themselves to fully engage with the spirit of the art being created. The Turlock brothers were a hit as a team but also each impressive in their own right, demonstrating Parkland County’s talent is well worth checking out.

If you didn’t catch the brothers this time no need to worry. Greg will be returning August 26th to perform more live readings from his book and to perform some of his own original material as a singer and guitar player. You can check out “A Work of Heart – Woven in the Willows” from the Spruce Grove Library or email Greg directly at if you are interested in accessing a particular story or poem. Barry’s music can be found on his full length C.D. “End of a Cycle” and he also available for guitar and bass lessons through

The Multicultural Heritage Centre is grateful that we were able to host such talented artists and is welcome to setting up events to showcase the abilities and skills of local artists, performers, and craftspeople. To find out more about collaborating with us please contact us at 780.963.2777 or at