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Little Green Thumbs

Little Green Thumbs is an indoor gardening program that gives elementary, junior and high school students the opportunity to become food producers right in their own classroom!  This hands-on, inquiry-based educational program helps young people value the health of themselves, the environment and their community.  As students actively co-operate to care for their gardens, they learn about nutrition, environmental stewardship, sustainable food systems, and community interdependence.

Little Green Thumbs is currently offered in twenty classrooms throughout Parkland School Division and Evergreen Catholic School Division.  The program runs throughout the school year.

The LGT founding philosophy comes from Ag in the Classroom Saskatchewan where for over 10 years they have incorporated:

  • Vision: a garden in every school, a school in every garden.
  • Mission: to engage, empower, and support students with hands-on, cross-curricular, educational experiences by growing gardens in their own learning environments
  • Charter: plant, grow, eat, share – Coming alive in a garden of possibilities.

This learning opportunity has been offered in partnership with Ag for Life as the funder and the Multicultural Heritage Centre as the provider with 3 coordinators during this school year; Judy Bennett, Leanne Weatherald, and Shauna Dalwood. All of our coordinators have gardening and educational experience.  They provide the resources, supplies, and connections so each garden/teacher/student has a successful outcome.

LGT Year End Report 2016 – 2017

LGT Newsletter – Oct 2017

If you are interested in a garden or would like to learn a bit more about Little Green Thumbs, please feel free to contact us at