Program Content

Organic Growing

Whether you wish to be certified Organic or just ease up on your use of synthetics, this Program will compare and contrast the benefits and drawbacks of several gardening methods.

Soil Sciences

  • Geology and soil texture, with some mention of nutrient transfer and availability

  • Hydrology, focused on the behaviour of moisture in soil and strongly promoting aerobic conditions

  • Biology, and the soil Foodweb, with mention of insect relationships

  • Physics, favouring no-till while building soil structure

  • Chemistry, observing signs of nutrient deficiency and using teas and brews to deliver what the plant needs to achieve optimal health and photosynthesis

  • Botany and Ecology

  • An overview of plant families and what grows well here, with mention of native species and establishing garden beds. We also pay attention to the emerging areas of Plant Health and Epigenetics.

Areas of Interest

Subjects include niche topics like establishing native species, Permaculture, Carbon Farming, Canning, Pest Management, and using common species (aka weeds) as cover crops.


Schedule 2022 (tentative)
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