Become a Master Gardener

Fall Semester Starts Saturday September 9

Deposits will be accepted AFTER CANADA DAY. Watch for a tentative schedule in July.
We require 18 registered students by August 20 to run the Program.

What is a Master Gardener Program?

These training program are for those who have a passion for gardening and want to expand their knowledge of botany, design, and the soil sciences.
The Organic Master Gardener program in Stony Plain is Alberta’s first and most extensive Organic Master Gardener program. It’s geared to adult learners of all levels of gardening experience. From those absolutely brand new to the soil, to those who have years of experience in their own yards, or for those who want an addition to a résumé, the OMG program in Stony Plain is an excellent means to enjoyable learning. And this is a certificate program.

How is our program different?

The focus is on biology – growing soil, not plants, and using nature’s own processes to control weeds, pests, and disease. Organic gardening embraces a more ecological paradigm in all its practices. We help you understand nature’s complex and interconnected systems.
Our program is built upon a strong foundation – the Gaia College OMG Program. We have added Alberta-specific content and the program has expanded to include recent discoveries in Soil Succession and Regenerative Agriculture.

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6.2 Acre Site

The demonstration farm offers students opportunities to experience and experiment with conventional, organic, and regenerative growing methods. Our ornamental gardens offer a parallel experience in maintaining public spaces and the unique demands of ornamental landscaping. There’s a community garden and orchard, plus room to grow.

Do you want to grow healthier food and garden more naturally?

Through lectures, mentorship, and volunteer hours you will acquire an immense knowledge base. You’ll earn an Organic Master Gardener Certificate and become part of a unique group across North America who practice a health-centred approach to our environment.

Registration and Fees (please register after Canada Day)