Requirements for Completion

Are you ready to commit 5 hours a week, or nearly 200 hours,
to immerse yourself in organic and regenerative growing?

Time Commitment

90-100 Instructional hours:

  • 42 hours of Gaia College educational content
  • 35+ hours of MHC course content
  • 16+ supervised practicum hours

9 Assignments related to classroom work (~50 hours)

A variety of project work (~15 hours)

Volunteering –

  • ~ 25 hours on OMG projects
  • ~ 10+ hours giving back to the MHC

In addition, students will attend an orientation and their completion ceremony.

Education Component

30 three-hour classes (14 through Gaia College and 16 through the MHC) and 8 practicums are offered. Most are Wednesday evenings, and the rest on Saturdays. To graduate the Stony Plain OMGP requires participation in all Gaia classes, at least 12 local classes and at least 4 practicums (students may choose to focus on aspects of the program but may also attend every session).

Should a student be unable to attend mandatory sessions, the certificate of completion will not be awarded until the sessions are made up or taken the following year. It is in the best interest of the student to take all sessions in sequence as they are offered and make up missed sessions promptly.

Projects, assignments, make-up classes, and volunteering may continue into the following year. Following the student’s two-year term, missed classes and practicum sessions may be made up and credited following payment of a $50 fee per class or session (not including the graduation ceremony).

Volunteer Component

The volunteer component is important to the Organic Master Gardener Program for two reasons.

  • Students gain valuable hands-on experience to complement the in-class component of their learning and time is spent with other Master Gardener students and graduates.
  • The Multicentre and the community at large have knowledgeable leaders in organic horticulture/agriculture contributing to local projects. The Multicentre provides multiple spaces and opportunities to our program and our labour and creativity are ways we give back.

Student’s contributions to the Multi make it possible to run this program at an extremely low cost. Our efforts support local heritage, education, arts, and business programs in Parkland County.

Project Component

Participants will work on numerous ongoing projects on site but may also propose a project that they are willing to initiate and establish. It is acceptable to plan and begin a project that the participants are able to complete but we urge students to choose projects that can be repeated and enhanced by students in future years. This project proposal will be discussed / planned with the student project mentor, and with the program administrator, for feasibility and appropriateness.


This program does not include any written examinations. Rather, the evaluation of students will be made on course attendance, participation in the courses, and the other requirements such as the assignments and passport.

Graduation/Certification Requirements

The following must be completed for certification:

  • Attendance at the 14 Gaia classes and at least 13 of 16, MHC courses
  • Attendance at four of eight 4-hour supervised practicums
  • Complete journal of project and volunteer hours
  • An online portfolio of assignments must be complete and submitted by mid-October for graduation in November (hard copies will be returned)
  • Course fee payment must be complete
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