About the gallery

About MCPAG: 

The Multicultural Centre Public Art Gallery (MCPAG) is located on the main floor of the Multicultural Heritage Centre, a provincial historic site located in Stony Plain, Alberta.  It is one of seven Public Art Galleries in Alberta and the only one located in a rural community. We have been in operation since 1974 and have hosted some of Alberta’s greatest artistic talent including Allen Ball, Royden Mills, Sheri Chabba, Brian and Cheryl Hepperle, and Lyndal Osborne.

Our gallery is a non-profit organization proudly supported by the Town of Stony Plain, Parkland County and the Alberta Foundation for the Arts. We provide all our programming free to the public and would not be able to continue our work without the generosity of our community. Through regularly changing exhibits the gallery promotes local artist, curators and our community.  Each exhibit we host features an Opening Reception, offering visitors a chance to meet the artists, learn more about the creative process and celebrate Alberta’s culture.

The Multicultural Centre Public Art Gallery is a member of Visual Arts Alberta ~ CARFAC,  a provincial arts service organization which believes that artists, like professionals in other fields, should be paid for their work and share equitably in profits from their work. CARFAC defends artists’ economic and legal rights, and educates the public on fair dealings with artists, providing a vitally important perspective on issues affecting the making of art, artist’s rights, intellectual property rights, and the status of the artist within our society. MCPAG pay exhibition fees to all individuals showing in our gallery space, in both solo and group exhibitions. We do this despite the fact that we have an operational budget well below the $250,000 minimum outlined within the CARFAC Category I definition. We do not believe in passing on the cost of programming to the artist who work with us and maintain the principal of fair pay for fair work. If you would like to see our organization better funded please support better public funding for Arts and Culture in Alberta.

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About the Curator: 

Lucille Frost is a Visual Artist, Arts Administrator and Curator. She has spent the last decade building her practice in Alberta and has been working with the MCPAG since January of 2015. Her Mission is to establish her creative practice and small business within Alberta/Canada with the goal of becoming a sustainably employed producer of creative and cultural capital for communities. Born in Edmonton (Alberta) and raised in Lethbridge (Alberta), Lucille identifies her home with the various landscapes throughout her native province, her relationship to this distinct natural beauty has continually been a source of inspiration within her artistic practice. Lucille holds a Bachelor of Art and Design with the University of Alberta and a Diploma in Arts and Cultural Management with MacEwan University, she is passionate about history, visual theory, semiotics, philosophy, psychology and civil society.

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Exhibiting at the Gallery

Currently MCPAG is taking applications for the 2018 Exhibition Season. If you would like to show your work with us please prepare a proposal containing the following:

  • Cover Page with your name, email address, phone number, mailing address and the space you are applying to exhibit in.
  • Artist Statement and/or Exhibition Proposal
  • Artist Bio(s)
  • Artist CV
  • Max 10 Images of existing works or sketches for proposed works
  • Return shipping instruction and return postage if you would like the application mailed back to you.

There is no longer any fee to apply.

If you have questions, please contact Lucille Frost at lucille@multicentre.org

Applications can be personally delivered to the Centre, emailed to Lucille Frost at lucille@multicentre.org or mailed care of…

The Multicultural Heritage Centre Public Art Gallery
P.O. Box 2188 – 5411 51 Street
Stony Plain, AB T7Z 1X7
ATTN: Lucille Frost, Curator

Any incomplete applications will not be considered for exhibition.