Ammolite Alberta : Brie Craner

Exhibition Statement

The Ammolite Alberta exhibition takes the story of our provinces’ gemstone and ties its connection to other iconic Albertan subjects that could only last this lifetime. This series depicts a stunning mixed media approach to ammolite in all is rainbow glow. Subject matters cover Alberta’s endangered species like the woodland caribou and ferruginous hawk who’s species is currently under threat. The environment is considered with subjects like the pine tree and pine beetles. Culture and lifestyle are also depicted with subjects like the totem pole and inuksuk who once were beacons for navigation but are fading fast with the use of technology. Each piece will have the story card of what qualifies the piece as ephemeral beside it. The ammolite style pieces are created with a dichroic film and quality Art Resin to create a lustrous shine. The opening exhibition will hi-light these features by blacking out the room and using pin-point spotlights to illuminate the art and cast iridescence from the pieces onto the room and viewer. This iridescent cast will act as the universal knowledge we all have that in only one short lifetime we could lose so much.

Opening Reception April 6, 2019

Artist, Brie Craner has quite a day planned for you as part of her opening reception for Ammolite Alberta. She has partnered with WILD North and the Multicultural Heritage Centre for a fundraising paint session and meal before the doors open to her solo exhibition at the Multicultural Heritage Centre’s Public Art Gallery.

She will guide us to create a colourful wild creature art piece and then feed us a lovely pasta supper. We will then enjoy a spectacular show of reflction and enjoy her new artwork from 7pm – 9pm.

Funds raised will benefit WILD North and children’s programming at the Multicultural Heritage Centre.