Sam Knopp

 Sam Knopp

October 5th 2018 – November 24th 2018

Opening Reception Saturday October 13th, 2018 from 1-3pm



Media: Ceramics

I am concerned with the making and the nature of things. The material world is not one of passive objects but rather things that are active participants in our lives. 

I am drawn to ceramics because of its role in the everyday, across cultures and times, but also the unique experience clay provides of being a “maker”. Process, labor, material and craft, these are part of a a captivating language that is only spoken through experience.

Ceramics’ rich technical possibilities and its flip-side of limitations provide an important mix of excitement and frustration. My work and ideas seem to enjoy playing in this state of tension, as I find myself often attempting     to stage possible reconciliations between seemingly incompatible ideas and aesthetics. I’m interested in bringing together the manufactured and the handmade, order and chaos, function and sculpture for unexpected experiences that  bring questions to the ideas of process, labor, material and craft.


Curatorial Credit: Lucille Frost