Sharon Hjartarson Residues, Remnants, Remains

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   Meet the artist for a reception September 7, 6-8 p.m.


This fall MCPAG has the pleasure of hosting the work of artist Sharon Hjartarson, artist, hiker and collector.  Sharon graduated with an MFA in Sculpture from the University of Calgary in 2001.  Her main artistic interests include creating installations, sculptures and site-specific artworks that draw the viewer into a conversation about social issues confronting us in an individual level.  Her artistic inspiration comes from her hiking and gathering expeditions, causing an environmental consciousness to surface in her work.  Themes of journey and transition are constantly represented as the natural cycle of birth, growth and death. 

The found objects and natural materials she uses have a story.  Historians collect and examine man-made and natural specimen to learn about culture and how humans impact our world through our practices.  The material gathered on Sharon’s hiking expeditions and used in this work similarly engage in the anthropological accumulation of material to tell a story of a place and time.