Farm School

Connecting Food on our Tables to Local Farmers and Suppliers


FarmSchoolLogoFarm School is an opportunity for teachers to move their classroom into the world of agriculture, where students spend an entire week connecting food on their tables to our local farmers and suppliers – literally from farm to fork.

Farm School becomes a “new classroom”, where inquiry based learning methods promote real-world connections to the Alberta curriculum. Students will explore using hands-on activities, interviews with experts “in the field”, and make those learning connections by discussing and then journaling or sketching about their experiences.

As the week progresses students will encounter sheep, dairy, beef, potato and grain farmers. They will be part of the interactive experience of making butter, bread, French fries, soup and bannock. Students will learn about optimal planting techniques from an agronomist and experience how canola seeds provide oil for a variety of uses. By using the senses, breathing the fresh air and taking time to “digest” the farm environment, students will come away with a new appreciation of farm life, food on our table and the many career opportunities in agriculture.

Take your students out of the classroom, out of their neighbourhoods and into rural Alberta where there is an abundance of inquiry based learning opportunities to make significant curriculum connections.

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Thank you to the Edmonton Community Foundation for making this program possible.