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Stony Plain Pie Shoppe

March 1, 2018
Stony Plain Pie Shoppe takes over
from Homesteader’s Kitchen

Chef Kevin Waddell took charge of the Homesteader’s Kitchen on June 1, 2016.  He revamped the menu, shedding the reliance on convenience products and prepackaged food, and shifted the focus to locally-sourced product. 

Chef Kevin was the first red seal chef to run the restaurant, first chef to use the produce of the centre’s gardens, the first chef to form meaningful relationships with local farmers and producers.

In September, 2017, he was offered the opportunity to run the restaurant as his own.  

With the knowledge that Stony Plain views “The Multi” as the premiere place to buy pie, Chef Kevin knew that the future of the restaurant would have to revolve around pie, but wanted to make it be more than a dessert restaurant.