Residues, Remnants, Remains

One of the creative and intricate pieces is of a shadow casting the 2D image of a house on the wall behind it, a whisper of a home once standing, and the sculpture itself features the nails that once held it tall.  This exhibit teases more than one sense as there is a sound component, a smell component, a visual component, and were we allowed to touch, a tactile one as well. 

The weight of the pieces are extraordinary.  The center exhibit piece weighs 250 pounds!  There are many individual pieces to assemble and so this exhibit took three days to erect.  The floor piece alone took the artist 10 hours to lay out as each piece is a solitary soldier in a sea of clay and nails. 

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary exhibit.  You can see it on display from September 1- November 4.  The artist was here for a meet and greet on September 7 from 6p.m.-8p.m. during our welcome reception for the artist, Sharon Hjartarson.